Second Round! Early Bird Offer of ageLOC® YouthSpan® in December, 2015 (November 20, 2015)

Second Round! Early Bird Offer of
ageLOC® YouthSpan® in December, 2015

November 27, 2015


Due to the overwhelming response in October, NU SKIN will launch a second round of early bird offer in December, 2015! ageLOC® YouthSpan® is developed based on more than 30 years of anti-aging science and nutrition science research, together with proprietary ageLOC® science that selects beneficial ingredients to promote your youth span - the years you can enjoy life being more active, energetic and healthy. Between December 7 and 9, 2015, Hong Kong and Macau distributors who have achieved Executive* or above in November, 2015 are entitled to participate in the pre-ordering and the details are as follows:

1) Date and Time:
December 7-9, 2015 (12-9pm)

2) Venue:
10/F, Lee Garden Two, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay

3) Qualification:
Hong Kong and Macau distributors who are Executive* or above title with 100 PV/ 2,000 GV or QUALIFYING EXECUTIVE (QEXEC) who has finished 6,000 GV LOI qualification in November 2015

4) Package details:
ageLOC® YouthSpan® Package
(The package include 5 bottles of ageLOC® YouthSpan® and 5 ageLOC® YouthSpan® leaflets)

5) Pick up Date and Time:
December 17-31, 2015 (Working Hours)


  • Each qualified distributors can buy up to 2 packages (10 bottles in total)
  • Product and product leaflet are available on a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts
  • The offer is subjected to the offer’s terms and conditions. For details, please contact your Executive Partners
  • NU SKIN reserves the right of final decision of the activity


Take the lead and grasp the tremendous business opportunities. Are you ready?

*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all the requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. Not all distributors succeed or make money. Generating meaningful compensation as a Distributor requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For more information about the Sales Compensation Plan of NU SKIN, please contact the company at 2837 7700 or go to NU SKIN Hong Kong Website.