About ageLOC® Essentials - Each bottle comes from the persistence with 6S Quality Process (November 20, 2015)

About ageLOC® Essentials
Each bottle comes from the persistence with 6S Quality Process

November 20, 2015

Each bottle comes from the persistence with 6S Quality Process

Purity of each drop of essential oil demonstrates our commitment towards premium quality


We create better essential oils by striving to maintain the highest quality of products in scientific ways, giving you the high quality essential oils with natural aroma and purity. This is ageLOC®Essentials, developed by NU SKIN, one of the leading anti- aging brand.


6S Quality Process safeguarding ageLOC® Essentials

In order to satisfy your expectation of extremely high quality, we have now extended this high quality standard to the whole range of ageLOC®Essentials.


1. Selection
In order to be considered for use in NU SKIN products, materials must pass criteria for effectiveness, suitability for formulation, and consumer safety. NU SKIN works with experts and raw material suppliers around the world to gather both historical and new scientific insights about the unique ingredients within our products.


2. Sourcing
Once a raw material selection is made, NU SKIN scientists investigate potential commercial sources that can guarantee availability, quality, and concentration of key ingredient components. NU SKIN evaluates these raw material sources to ensure quality and suitability for product formulation, and monitors active ingredient concentration when applicable.


3. Specification
NU SKIN selects what we believe are the safest compounds and highest quality ingredients to incorporate into our formulations. NU SKIN sets specifications to provide a basis for active compounds, ingredients, and criteria for finished products. These criteria help establish ingredient standards, and provide specific characteristics to guide consistent manufacturing. Where appropriate, NU SKIN products are carefully analyzed to not only identify the active components, but to ensure consistent manufacturing and product quality.


4. Standardization  
NU SKIN raw materials must meet our specifications to certify their readiness for product manufacturing. When there are wide variations in active components of a natural or botanical ingredient, we select only those materials that provide the specified amount of these active constituents. Furthermore, our scientists strive to formulate products to contain ingredients at the concentration or strength shown to be efficacious. Once manufactured, NU SKIN products are tested to meet their finished good specifications before they leave the manufacturer.

5. Safety
NU SKIN adheres to high product safety standards by reviewing scientific literature and conducting standard safety studies. NU SKIN conducts standard tests specific to nutrition and personal care products respectively. Examples of safety testing include testing for the presence of microbes, heavy metals, and other contaminants and determination of irritation and/or allergic reactions. Often, we confirm safety and validate our conclusions by using external testing groups.

6. Substantiation
NU SKIN takes great care to ensure that our products and ingredients are not only safe, but effective. Each product claim is supported by scientific literature and/or research studies. For key products, we conduct documented clinical studies to determine product and ingredient efficacy and support product and ingredient claims.


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