About ageLOC® Essentials - Energy for sensation science (November 6, 2015)

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About ageLOC® Essentials
energy for sensation science

November 6, 2015

What kind of new energy will be brought, when anti-aging concept used on essential oils?
From NU SKIN Center for Anti-aging Research, Ph. D. Helen Knaggs, Vice President, Global Research and Development for Personal Care Products, NU SKIN Enterprises, has brought the result of scientific essential oils with anti-aging benefit from the research center.

ageLOC® Technology, break mystery of plant essence  
Ph. D Helen Knaggs says, “Essential oil can be extracted from different kinds of Jasmine, however, we found through our research that ingredient analysis result and fingerprint spectrum of different kinds of Jasmine essential oils are different. They function differently in skin renewal, moisturizing, skin structure, firming as well as anti-aging effects. Therefore we have chosen the Jasmine with better anti-aging effects and significant improvement to be the unique ingredient for ageLOC® Essential Oils.

In the field of skin science, Ph. D Helen Knaggs further mentions, “Getting old is the natural process of life, but nowadays the modern busy life style and all kinds of pollution in urban speed up aging process. What we should do is to have anti-aging concept into daily life, through balance diet and nutrition products to maintain body energy with natural skin care products to nurse skin.     

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