Life with ageLOC ® Essentials - Drops in every moment, this is my life with essential oils (November 6, 2015)

Life with ageLOC® Essentials
Drops in every moment, this is my life with essential oils

November 6, 2015

Hello, this is Miss Essentials, the expert of essential oils. You may also call me “Miss -E”.
Every Friday, I will share my tips with you about how I integrate the essential oil into my skincare daily routine. This is the way how I feel relaxed every day! Drops in every moment and enjoy the balance of body, mind and soul Follow me now, to have a brand new anti-aging and stress-free life!

The annoying stuffy nose during the transition from summer to autumn
Weather is changing lately. I, Miss-E, start to have a stuffy nose, or a running nose or sneeze and cough. Are these because of flu? No, I then realize this is seasonal allergy caused by the changing weather. Therefore I begin to use ageLOC® Essentials to comfort all the symptoms. My sleeping quality is also improved. Thus, I feel energized and have a good mood during the day. I wear a mask when going out in order to avoid the stimulation of cold air to my nose and respiratory system.

Please follow me to lessen your allergy!
ageLOC® Essential Oil Magic/ Hot Water Steam


Drops into hot water: Add 3-5 drops of essential oil into a bowl of boiling water. Close your eyes and get your face near to the bowl, take a deep breath of the steam with essential oil. This can ease the uncomfortableness.  

The temperature differences between day and night during season transition are big. Let ageLOC® Essential Oils kick off the uncomfortableness.
ageLOC® Essential Oil Magic/ Breathe and Smell

The aroma of the essential oil can be delivered through breathing. By absorbing the molecule of essential oil, the natural aroma can be experienced and it’s refreshing. Through smelling, the fragrance of the essential oil can bring relaxation of your mind and body.


  • Drops in hand: Dilute 1-2 drops of ageLOC® Essential Oil into blending oil, add drops in to your hands, rub your hands, and then cover your nose, take a deep breath.
  • Drops on make-up cotton or tissue: Add 1-2 drops of ageLOC® Essential Oil on make-up cotton or tissue, put the make-up cotton or tissue close to the nose, have 3 times of deep breath and then put them into shirt or under shirt, through the body heat to continuously vaporize the essential oil.
  • Drops on pillow: Add the diluted ageLOC® Soothe Essential Oil drops on your pillow and this will help bring you a sweet dream!


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