From now on, leave your skin CARE to ageLOC Me®

October 16, 2015

Nowadays, office ladies often work more than 10 hours a day under a hostile work environment featuring air conditioning, computer radiation and air pollution, which easily results in skin dryness & dehydration and lack of nutrition. Working and living in such a quick rhythm environment, women gradually encounter various skin problems due to lack of timely skincare.

In the age of all-round intelligence, it’s time to scientifically manage your skin and take care of it with intelligent skincare approaches.

ageLOC Me®, a convenient and formula diversified anti-aging skincare system, brings delicate skincare in a more professional manner with various advantages, which will certainly make it a mainstream skincare approach in the market.

In your hustle and bustle daily work life, you can hardly take care of your skin in a frequent and regular manner. However, like your body, your skin also needs to “be fed” regularly. Only with regular care, will your skin be in a naturally good condition. ageLOC Me® will serve as your personal steward to remind you to take care of your skin in a regular manner based on your usage habits.

Other than irregularity of time, in traditional skincare schemes, numerous bottles and jars, as well as multiple procedures, have been a major factor of hindrance to skincare. After a busy day at work, women tend to be too exhausted to conduct the complicated and time-consuming skincare process. With a combination of multiple skincare effects, ageLOC Me® allows you to complete skincare process with a single reach and saves you from the hassle of bottles and jars.

Through connection with a smart phone, ageLOC Me® gets to know your skin condition better than yourself and creates an intelligent skincare scheme particularly designed for you based on your skin condition and intelligent analysis on mass data in order to bring about more professional and delicate skincare just for you.

From now on, leave your skin care to ageLOC Me®.