A Product that Changes People’s Lifestyle Represents a Huge Business Opportunity (October 9, 2015)

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A Product that Changes People’s Lifestyle
Represents a Huge Business Opportunity.

October 9, 2015

People in their 20s may think aging which is still far away from them. However, according to Dr. Andrew Wright, a consultant dermatologist with Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust, with slowing down of the generation of collagen, which serves as the foundation of dermal construction, and the reduced elasticity or breaking of elastin, which enables your skin to bounce back quickly, intrinsic aging of your skin starts at the age of 25. If you hope to maintain a youthful skin, you’d better start anti-aging skincare early.  (source: xinhuanet website, retrieval date: January 21, 2015, 14:08:43)

Nevertheless, in our daily skincare routines, we often fail to get the best results of skincare for a number of reasons. For example, with many bottles and jars of lotion, eye cream, facial essence cream, and etc., we tend to get confused with the sequence of those skincare products and have difficulty to control the dosage of each product. Sometimes, we even forget to conduct our daily skincare routines simply because we are too busy. These reasons prevent us from getting the results we expected from conducting skincare. Women’s skin needs particular attention. Only when you take care of your skin meticulously, will you be able to maintain youth on your face.


ageLOC Me® opens a new era of skincare. By combining the APP with intelligent skincare hardware, and through a series of software-based assessment questions, ageLOC Me® customizes skincare products and dosages particularly for you. ageLOC Me® will also remind you of the time to take care of your skin. In short, ageLOC Me® offers absolutely personal high-end customization and around-the-clock skincare reminding to keep you away from the bottles and jars of products and save you from the nuisance of skincare procedures. ageLOC Me®, a skincare system particularly customized for you, is within your reach. It will lead you into the era of intelligent skincare.


Nowadays, the third-party payment platforms have changed people’s payment habit, and social platforms have changed people’s communication habit. Today, ageLOC Me® is changing people’s skincare habit. ageLOC Me® will disrupt the skincare industry and open an era of intelligent skincare.

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