Great Surprises Ahead in November (November 1, 2014)

Great Surprises Ahead in November

November 1, 2014



To thank distributors for the long-term support, NU SKIN will send out several great surprises in November! Please look forward to programs such as New Sign-up Offer, Sales Star together with NU SKIN 30th Anniversary Special Offers! 


1. New Sign-up Offer

Tru Face Line Corrector_resized

1. New Sign-up Offer:

From November.1, 2014 up to November.29, 2014, new sign-ups are entitled to receive a Tru FaceTM Line Corrector for free, upon onsite purchase of HK$/MOP 1500 on the sign-up day at NU SKIN Plaza, Mongkok Distribution Center or Macau Distribution Center.  


2. Terms and Condition 

2.1 Each Distributor Account is entitled to enjoy this promotion once.

2.2 Distributors must have submitted their Distributor Agreements and make purchase at a designated amount(HK$/MOP1,500) in a single invoice on the same day under their Distributor accounts.

2.3 This promotion is limited to on-site purchase at Causeway Bay Nu Skin Plaza, Mongkok Distributor Centre and Macau Distribution Centre  ONLY . Phone order, fax order, online order and Nourish the Children(NTC) are NOT eligible to enjoy this promotion.

2.4 All products given as gifts do not carry any PSV, non-returnable, non-refundable and cannot be converted to cash.

2.5 Nu Skin Enterprises Hong Kong, LLC reserves the right for final decision of this promotion.



2. NU SKIN “Sales Star” Program (HK&MC)


1. NU SKIN “Sales Star” Program: 

From November 1, 2014 to November 29, 2014, when a qualified LOI+ has referred four persons to become newly sponsored Distributors, he/she will has a chance to win a complimentary LifePak.


2. Details:

2.1 When a Qualified LOI+ has referred four persons to become newly sponsored Distributors is recognized as “Sales Star” and can win a complimentary LifePak. 

2.2 All recongized“Sales Star” will be informed by SMS on or before 18th December. “Sales Star” in Hong Kong will enjoy a free delivery service on or before 24th December. “Sales Star” in Macau will have to collect LifePak from Hong Kong Causeway Bay Nu Skin Plaza on or before 31st December.

2.3 LifePak received from NU SKIN “Sales Star” program is a complimentary gift, and does not contain PSV and is non-returnable, non-refundable and not redeemable for cash.

2.4 NU SKIN may cancel the qualification of the Distributor and require to return the complimentary LifePak he/she obtained during the program period if the Distributor fails to meet the requirement after he/she is recognized as “Sales Star” (for example, the Distributor fails to meet the requirement after the return of the products). If the Distributor fails to return the LifePak in accordance with the terms and conditions, he/she agrees and understands that NU SKIN may recover the value of LifePak from him/her.

2.5 Distributors who desires to refund or exchange products should follow the relevant policy in the Policies and Procedures of the Company.

2.6 If “Distributor winners violates the Policies and Procedures of the Company or any relevant laws and regulations, the Company may recover the prizes and benefits received under this program from the Distributor.

2.7 NU SKIN reserves the right to make changes of the above terms and conditions. Please visit the program website for the latest information. 

2.8 NU SKIN reserves the rights of final interpretation and decision of the above terms and conditions. The final terms and conditions to be published on the program website shall prevail. 

3. 30th Anniversary Special Offers


Click here for the promotion poster


From November 7, 2014 upon to November 29, 2014, upon the purchase of the products below, you can enjoy a great special discount!

Applicable To Product and Price
Tegreen 97(120 caps)
(6-pc special value pack)
Tru Face Line Corrector
(2-pc special value pack)
Tri-Phasic White System
(2-set special value pack)
Distributors who did not participate in any ARO programs Price:
HK$3,330 / MOP 3,430

HK$630/ MOP 649

HK$2,430/ MOP 2,503

Distributors who participated in the PHARMANEX ARO 6-month and NU SKIN ARO program Price:
HK$ 2,995 / MOP3,087



HK$565 / MOP 584



HK$ 2,185 / MOP 2,253


Distributors who participated in PHARMANEX ARO 18-month program Price:
HK$ 2,500 / MOP 2,573



More Special Offers:

Distributors are entitled to receive


  • two boxes of ageLOCTM Facial Gels and one Tru FaceTM Line Corrector (valued at HK$ 1190)upon the purchase of Star Creator Pack(ageLOCTM Outside), two boxes ageLOCTM Facial Gels
  • and two boxes ageLOCTM Facial Gels and one ageLOCTM Dermatic Effect Body Conturing Gel(valued at HK$ 1150)upon the purchase of Star Creator Pack(ageLOCTM Galvanic Facial and Body Spa)


*Expiry date: Tegreen 97(Exp Date: on or after 1/7/2015), Tri-Phasic White System(Exp Date: on or after 24/9/2015), Tru Face Line Corrector(Exp Date: on or after 27/8/2016). 



  • All offers are only available while stock lasts.
  • This promotional kit can be purchased through fax, phone or walk-in order from Causeway Bay Nu Skin Plaza, Mongkok or Macau Distribution Centre only, but not applicable to online order or ARO order.
  • Except Star Creator Pack, other products do not contain Super Achieved Bonus.
  • Complimentary products/gifts are non-returnable, non-refundable and do not contain PSV.
  • You may, but are not required to, return the entire Star Creator Packs to obtain for a refund. You may return individual products sold within the Star Creator Packs so long as they are opened and resalable. You must also return the unopened and resalable complementary products/gifts. If the complimentary products/gifts have been opened, transferred, damaged, lost or other reasons so that they cannot be returned in its original status, you must pay for the complimentary products/gifts at the their wholesale prices to the Company. Other terms and conditions in relation to product refunds and exchanges shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Policies and Procedures of the Company.
  • In case of any inconsistency between the above terms and conditions and the Policies and Procedures of NU SKIN Hong Kong/Macau, the above terms and conditions shall prevail.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other cash coupons
  • Nu Skin Enterprises Hong Kong, LLC reserves the right for final decision of this promotion.