May 03 2014

Glass Accessories DIY Workshop

With the mission of “empowering people to improve lives”, NU SKIN  is not only committedto the research and development of innovative high-quality products, but it also strongly encourages its business partners and staff to uphold the “Force for Good” spirit. , helping the children with congenital heart disease. Since Mother’s Day is coming, on May 3, 2014 (Saturday), one of the NU SKIN Volunteer Teams with a total of 15 members brought 20 children from the Children’s Heart Foundation (CHF) to participate in the glass accessories DIY workshop. During the activity, the volunteers and children learned how to make and paint the glass accessories. The volunteers encouraged the children to be creative and make attempts bravely in order to boost their self-confidence. This activity provided not only a learning opportunity for those children with congenital heart disease to experience the fun of the DIY workshop, but the most important thing was to encourage the children to communicate with the volunteers so that they can feel the care and love of the volunteers. After the activity, the children presented their artwork to their mother as Mother's Day gift. All of them were satisfied with smiles and have had a happy afternoon.

The NU SKIN Volunteers who attended the activity that day were as below (listed not in sequence): Lau Chik Hong (Leader), Lai Lai Hi (Vice-leader), Law Yuk Tsu, Lam Ging Hung, Li King Kong, Fung Chun Ling, Hui Bing Fai, Lee Ching Heng, Lai Koon Ying, Miu Oi Yung, Miu Oi Fung, See Mei Yi, Yi Lai Kao, Tan Kwok Yung, Lin Wai Hing. Thanks for their sharing as below:

“The kids and I learnt  a lot today. The workshop  is very meaningful.” Lau Chik Hong said.

"This is my first time to participate in NU SKIN’s volunteer activity, to make glass accessories with the kids with congenital heart disease. The volunteers and kids were getting along well with each other throughout the workshop. Their innocence makes  us smile. Wish “Force For Good” culture can spread all over the world.” Lai Lai Hi said.

“Very Good!” Law Yuk Tsu said.

“I am happy to be able to make some effort to  the families of the children with congenital heart disease.” Lam Ging Hun said.

“Had a happy and meaningful weekend!” Li King Kong said.

“This is my first time participating in NU SKIN’s volunteer activity to make glass accessories with the kids with congenital heart disease. The kids were very happy. Wish “Force For Good” never end!” Fung Chun Ling said.

“I am happy to play with the kids. But it is necessary to know their characters for communication. Attentiveness and love will help!” Hui Bing Fai said.

“The activity is meaningful. Volunteers are full of love. Kids are quick learner.” Miu Oi Yung said.

“The activity is very meaningful and I have learned a lot. Kids are cute, nice, and creative.” Miu Oi Fung said.

“Kids are so cute. The glass accessories workshop was full of joy and feeling good after finishing the accessory.” See Mei Yi said.

“Kids’ learning perseverance and endurance were appreciated. They made me feel warm and meaningful!” Yi Lai Kao said.

“It’s fun and meaningful!” Tan Kwok Yung said.

“Thanks NU SKIN for organizing the volunteer activity. The glass accessories workshop is very interesting. It is very meaningful for me to learn with the kids. We volunteers found our old day memories back. Those kids with heart disease are more energetic and happier than us. Joyous moment, happy, warm.” Lin Wai Hing said.