March 12 2014

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Enjoying the Sunshine in Jordan Valley Park

On March 12,2014, the NU SKIN Volunteer Team, including our Diamond Executive Sharon Lam and with 8 other volunteers brought 16 kids  from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children to visit the Jordan Valley Park located at Kwun Tong. Kids were energetic and kept running and playing around in the park. After the visit in Jordan Valley Park, volunteers and kids went to McDonald’s together to have a yummy and grateful lunch.

The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity are as below (listed not in sequence): Sharon Lam(Captain), Michelle Kiang, Benedict Au-Yeung, Bobo Hsu, Philip Leung, Lorio Leung, Ricky Lam, Karen Fung, Eyeln Lau.

Thanks for some of their sharing:

“The kids need the care from adults so much, at the same time they also reminded us how we can contribute in our daily life.” Sharon Lam said.

“People need communications with each other. When kids got in touch with strangers for the first time, they were afraid. After 4 hours of activities, they were willing to hold my hands. It was very touching when you are trusted. I will definitely join this activity again.” Lorio Leung said.

“Kids are innocent . They look like a piece of white paper, learning and imitating things we taught them. This time I think am  like a mirror  to them . I hope there will be more people coming to express their care to the kids.” Eyeln Lau said.

“It was a wonderful experience how each and every one of us could have an incredible relationship with the kids. Spending quality time with them today was definitely the highlight of my day.” Benedict Au-Yeung said.

“This is a great experience with the kids. Being able to see a smile on their face makes my day. This opportunity allows me to feel how simple-minded they are. It makes me reflect on my lifestyle and how lucky I am. I will cherish everything I am given right now.” Michelle Kiang said.

“Treasure what you have, knowing how to share.” Philip Leung said.

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