Feb 5 2014

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Share the Joy of Chinese New Year with Kids

On February 5, 2014, 10 volunteers from  NU SKIN Volunteer Team brought 16 kids from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children, to visit the Chinese New Year Fair at Fa Hui Park in Sham Shui Po to experience the joy of Chinese New Year. Kidswere excited that they learnt a lot about the customs of Chinese New Year from our volunteers. After the tour in the Chinese New Year Fiar,, the volunteers and kids moved to the playground nearbyto have the playtime, and this joyful afternoon ended with yummy pizzas and pastas. The kids  in the Society from the Protection of Childrenseldom leave the Centre and this was a good chance for them to see the outside world.

With the accompany of NU SKIN volunteers, the kids learnt the knowledge of Chinese culture and holiday seasons, in which they spent a wonderful and happy afternoon together!


The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity are as below (listed not in sequence): Chan Yuk Ying(Captain), Debra Chan (Vice Captain), Lo Ho Yan, Cho Check Kit, Wong Lok Ting, Wong Lok Wun, Cara Li, Lam Wing Shan, Joey Kwok, Tam Ching Yi. Thanks for some of their sharing as below:

“I am happy today. I wish I have more strength and power to act as a Force for Good to other people.” Chan Yuk Ying said.

“It is not easy to take care of kids. Taking care of them for few hours were energy-consuming. But I am happy to bring them out and play with them.” Wong Lok Wun said.

“We need to spread the spirit  of Force for Good, that everyone can have huge impact to the world.” Wong Lok Ting said.

“It is my first time to join the volunteer activity with kids and 3 hours passed  quickly. Feeding  kids is much more difficult than I expected.” Joey Kwok said.

“The kid I took care of was very energetic. I can’t even control him some time. But I still like to play with him, even though this is my first time to encounter the toddlers.” Cara Li said.

“It is a special experience to bring the small kids to the Chinese New Year Fair. Although it takes me a lot of energy to take care them, I enjoy it a lot. They are cute!” Lam Wing Shan said.

“It is my first time to encounter small kids. Kids are lovely and energetic, especially when they are playing. It is tired to take care of them but it is worth it because I can see their smiles.” LoHoYan said.

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