Feb 19 2014

Explore the Supermarket with Kids

On February 19, 2014, the Emerald Executive Ng Man Hei and Executive Ng Bik Ling joined 7 volunteers from NU SKIN Volunteer Team and 16 children  from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children for a visit toTASTE supermarket in Olympian City 2. The children showed their excitement and curiosity in supermarket. Accompanied by our volunteers, they tried to touch different items. After a happy shopping in supermarket, all of them had a joyful dim sum lunch in Foo Lum Restaurant.

The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity are as below (listed not in sequence): Ng Man Hei (Captain), Eva Yeung (Vice Captain),Yeung Tsing Yan, Hui Po Ling, Teresa Law, Anita Chan, Ng Bik Ling, Wong Po Wan, Chik Siu Mui. Thanks for some of their sharing as below:

“I strongly felt that I developed  a closer relationship with these lovely and cheerful kids through today’s activity. At the beginning the little girl kept crying. Later she was willing to hold my hand and kissed me goodbye. I felt so warm even the weather was so cold this morning. I want to thank them as they let me recall the memory of my childhood and I can cheer up their life as well.” Ng Man Hei said.

“Thanks NU SKIN for providing me such a chance to join this volunteer activity. Every kid is happy. I feel happy too!” Yeung Tsing Yan said.

“It is my first time to join this kind of activity. I feel that all the kids are lovely!” Wong Po Wan said.

“It is really a happy experience. Kids are adorable!” Ng Bik Ling said.

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