Aug 15 2014

Water Fun for Kids

On August 15, 2014, 6 volunteers from NU SKIN Volunteer Team led 10 kids  from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Childrento have a pool party. In the garden of the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children, they experienced the coolness of water in the summer heat. Kids dressed in cute swimwear were excited, and they enjoyed water fun in the pool with the volunteers. This joyful morning ended with a pizzas feast. The NU SKIN Volunteer Team and the kids spent a wonderful and happy morning together!

The NU SKIN volunteers who participated in the activity are as below (listed in no particular order): Michelle Teh (Captain)、Susan Fong、Chong Yin Yin、Karen Wong、Theresa Than、Sally Chui. Below are experience shared by some of the volunteers:

“I am happy today. The kids were cute. I am willing to  be devoted to them. It was very meaningful for me to join the volunteer activity with my friends,” Michelle Teh said.

“ Playing water with kids today make me think of my own innocent and lively kids. I felt really happy. Thanks to NU SKIN for giving me this opportunity to participate in this activity,” Susan Fong said.

“I am very happy to join today’s volunteer activity, the kids were very cute and I wish I could join next time and help more kids,” Chong Yin Yin said.

“Thanks to NU SKIN for giving me this opportunity to join the activity and I have learnt a lot. Those kids gave me a lot inspiration,” Karen Wong said.

“Playing in the water is a memorable activity for kids in their childhood. I am honored to take part in it. Wish the kids grow up happily. I will actively participate in volunteer activities in the future,” Theresa Than said.

“Helping others is a joyful thing!” Sally Chui said.