Mar 22 2016

NU SKIN Volunteer Team
Visiting Supermarket in Spring

April 1, 2016

On March 22, 2016, anti-aging expert – NU SKIN sent 9 volunteers from the NU SKIN Volunteer Team to accompany 15 kids from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children to go visiting the supermarket in Kowloon City Plaza. Children were attracted by a variety of goods when they got in the supermarket. They were full of curiosity in everything, and volunteers explained to them one by one patiently and let the children learn some new knowledge. After the activity, the volunteers accompanied with the children to have some dim sum in the restaurant. The children did not only enjoy the shopping through this activity, but also able to learn interactively.  The most important thing is to let them feel the care and love from our volunteers. All of them spent a warm morning together!  

The NU SKIN volunteers who attended the activity including (listed not in sequence): Byron (Captain), Tsang Ho Ying (Vice-Captain), Catherine, Vincent, Sam, Julia, Pamela, Connie and Angel

The sharing of volunteers are as follows:
‘Thanks NU SKIN and the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children for giving me the opportunity to participate in the volunteer service again so that I can make contribution to those lovely children. Happiness is not inevitable. This activity reminded me again to treasure my family and educated our next generation by acting as a role model.  I feel grateful.’ Byron said.

‘I feel fresh to have such great opportunity to communicate with 1.5-year-old kids. I just played with the children in my past volunteer experiences but we went to the supermarket today. I cannot imagine such a common thing in our daily life is so precious for them. I hope that they can grow happily and healthily. ’Tsang Ho Ying said.

‘Thanks to have the opportunity to serve those children. This is great for kids to have the opportunity to leave the centre and broaden their horizons although I was very tired. They are different from ordinary children. They are relatively being satisfied easily. I hope that they can have more chances to go out and also I can have the opportunity to serve them again.’ Catherine said.

‘Many thanks for NU SKIN providing me an opportunity to participate in this volunteer activity. I found that it is a happy thing for some people to do or get something which is very easy for us in our daily lives. This lets me know if I could give more, others will be more happier.’ Vincent said.

‘The children resisted us at the very beginning but we built up mutual trust during the activity. Although we got along just a few hours, I think they are so lovely.’ Sam said.

‘I was satisfied to see children shopped happily in the supermarket. They were curious with every food there. Window shopping is a valuable and happy activity for the kids. We simply do a little bit more and this actually make them happy.  It is very meaningful.’ Julia said.

‘I am happy to let the children know more about the supermarket. They are simple and pure. I hope they can grow happily and healthy. Thanks NU SKIN for giving me this opportunity to participate in volunteer work.’ Pamela said.

‘I’m pleased to participate in the NU SKIN volunteer team and serve the kids under 2 years old. It is because the kids have less opportunity to communicate with strangers, they cried at the very beginning. Volunteers communicated with them lovingly and built up a mutual trust.  Finally, volunteers and the kids played happily. I hope I could have more opportunity to participate in the volunteer activity to bring the spirit of Force for Good into full play.’ Connie said.

‘From the kids resisted volunteers because they are not familiar with us at the very beginning but we all reluctant to part and unwilling to say good bye so soon. This proves that we had built up a good relationship during the activity. I hope the kids can grow happily. ’Angel said.


Group photo of NU SKIN Volunteer Team and kids from the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children


Volunteers introduced foods in the supermarket to kids patiently


Thank you cards from kids