Dec 25 2015

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Join Hands with Children’s Heart Foundation
NU SKIN volunteers enjoyed a joyful and warm Christmas with kids

December 25, 2015

Anti-aging expert - NU SKIN continues to promote the Force for Good spirit, committing to help children with congenital heart disease to have a better life. During Christmas season, Children’s Heart Foundation (CHF) held a Christmas party for over 40 families whose children were undergoing rehabilitation. A total number of 180 people have gathered to celebrate the festival joy at Hong Kong Queen Mary Hospital on December 25, 2015. Besides sponsoring all the expenditure of the party, Ms. Avis Chau, Vice President of NU SKIN Greater China Success Inspirations and General Manager of NU SKIN HongKong & Macau lead 10 members of NU SKIN Volunteer Team to join the party. They joined the cookies making workshop with over 70 children from CHF. During the workshop, children learnt cookies making together with the volunteers, and were encouraged to be creative to make any styles of cookies they want and make bold attempt in order to enhance their self-confidence. Not only did this activity provide an opportunity for CHF’s kids to experience DIY and food making fun, but it also facilitated the communication between the children and volunteers so that our volunteers could share their care and love with them. NU SKIN volunteer team prepared Christmas gifts which would be the sweetest gift to CHF kids. They brought a warmth and happy Christmas to the kids. They spent a happy day together.

The NU SKIN Volunteers who attended the activity are as below (Listed not in sequence): Shirley Tse, Clara Chan, GiGi Wong, Joanna Chung, Joyce Ho, Kelsey Chiu, Phoebe Chang, Alice Wo and Peter Chan.

Thanks for their sharing as below:

“I had a very meaningful Christmas, as a volunteer in Queen Mary Hospital and made cookies with kids.” Shirley Tse said.

“I was excited to see the smile on children’s faces. It was a wonderful Christmas!” Clara Chan said.

“This is my first time to join volunteer activity. I really enjoyed the program and felt the happiness of kids.” GiGi Wong said

“I had not imagined to join such a meaningful activity in Christmas. I felt warm to see happy and active children. I must participate in the next volunteer work.” Joanna Chung said

“I was happy to meet those kids. They also brought me a wonderful Christmas. This recalled my losing memory of childhood.” Joyce Ho said.

“So much Fun!” Kelsey Chiu Said.

“I was happy to join this volunteer activity in Christmas. It was the best Christmas gift for me to see children satisfied with their styled cookies. I hope all children can grow happily and healthily,” Phoebe Chang said.

“I was happy to see children pay full attention on their tailor-made cookies,” Alice Wo said.

“Children paid full attention during the two hours. Actually not only volunteers  spent time with kids, they also brought us a joyful Christmas,” Peter Chan said.

“Happy! This is my first time to join a Christmas Party with so many kids and parents. I saw the kids were very happy,” Pauline said.


Ms. Avis Chau, Vice President of NU SKIN Greater China Success Inspirations and General Manager of NU SKIN Hong Kong & Macau and other committee members of CHF distributed the Christmas gifts to the kids in Queen Mary Hospital.


Ms. Avis Chau, Vice President of NU SKIN Greater China Success Inspirations and General Manager of NU SKIN Hong Kong & Macau, the committee member of CHF and 10 NU SKIN Volunteers took group photos after the cookies making workshop.

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