May 11 2013

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Recycling Bag DIY Workshop

With the mission of “empowering people to improve lives”, anti-aging expert NU SKIN does not only commit to the research and development of innovative high-quality products, but we also strongly encourage our NU SKIN family to uphold the “Force for Good” spirit, helping children with congenital heart disease. On Mother’s Day eve, May 11 (Saturday), one of the NU SKIN Volunteer Teams with 12 members brought 20 children from the Children’s Heart Foundation (CHF) to join the recycling bag DIY workshop. During the workshop, children learned painting together with the volunteers, and were encouraged to be creative and make attempt bravely in order to enhance their self-confidence. Not only did this activity provide a learning opportunity for those children with congenital heart disease, but it also facilitated the  communication between the children and volunteers so that our volunteers could share their care and love with them. After the workshop, the children presented their artwork to their mothers as Mother's Day gift with big smiles. All of them spent a happy day together.

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