Jul 21 2013

Firefly Watching Tour

NU SKIN, the world’s anti-aging expert, commits itself not only to launchinginnovative and high-quality products, but also actively promotes "Force for Good" culture which encourages members of the NU SKIN family to participate in various charitable activities. On July 21 (Sunday), 23 members of the NU SKIN Volunteer Team went on an eco-field trip to Ting Kok in Tai Po with 23 children from the ABM Hong Kong Swatow Baptist Church Community Service Association Limited. At night, they went to Tai Po Kau to explore nocturnal insects such as fireflies and had a fruitful and joyful day.
The activity involves quite a lot physical movements, which trained them to be patient and persistent. As  they  come from low-income families who seldom have chances to participate in these kinds of outdoor activities,  they are curious about everything related to the nature. All of them were attentive to the explanation of the guide and raised questions immediately whenever they had problems. Their horizons were  widened.