July 2016 │NTC Ambassador Recognition

Long Term Chief Ambassador

When one becomes a 12-months Chief Ambassador, the Chief Ambassador becomes Long Term Chief Ambassador

Long Term Chief Ambassador - 10 years

So, Maggie & Lam, Andrew


Long Term Chief Ambassador - 8 years   

Choy, Spencer & Lo, Lily



Long Term Chief Ambassador - 2 years

Bannister, Peter & Bannister, Kaoru


Long Term Chief Ambassador - 1 year

Yip, Man Nai & Yip, Sheung Nai

Long Term Ambassador

When one becomes a 12-months Ambassador, the Ambassador becomes Long Term Ambassador

Long Term Ambassador - 12 years

Graf, Michiko & Graf, Bruno


Long Term Ambassador - 11 years

Lee, Vivian

So, Maggie & Lam, Andrew  


Long Term Ambassador - 10 years

Bannister, Peter & Bannister, Kaoru


Long Term Ambassador - 9 years

Choy, Spencer & Lo, Lily

Cheung, Salina & Kwok, Henry


Long Term Ambassador - 7 years

Sit, Yee Ling

Lo, Shong Pak
Choy, Chi Lun

Tan, Serina & Law, Wai On

Chow, Gee Sik Celia & Wong, Kam Tin


Long Term Ambassador - 6 years

Chan, Betty & Leung, Michael

Lee, Gary & Yip, Amy 


Long Term Ambassador - 5 years

Moy, Kristin & Moy, Eric

Lam, Ka Wang Kevin

Choi, Hok Kai Samuel (NEW)

Long Term Ambassador - 4 years

Ng, Yuk Chun

Ngan, Mindy & Wong, Raymond

Lam, Wai Tak

Cheung, Philip & Cheung, Janet & Cheung, Joseph

Ryu, Shumi (NEW)


Long Term Ambassador - 3 years

Sze-To, Ka Bo & Chan, Ho Cheung

Ip, Iut I

Chan, Yan Choi

Li, Esther & Pong, Aman

Hung, Michael Mon Gae (NEW)


Long Term Ambassador - 2 years

Yao, Janet

Lai, Ching Wai

Kaneko, Katsumi

Chao, Manuela & Chow, Eric

Che, Pui I & Cheong, Ho Ming (NEW)


Long Term Ambassador - 1 year
Chan, Shun Fong & Fong, Kai Sing

Siu, Kin Fan
Wong, Ling Ling
Fan, Kwai Hang

Lam, Kar Ho Kelvin  


  • Business partner made a commitment to donate at least 2 sets (four bags) of VitaMeal each month
  • Business partner have inspired others on their first level (personal, personal customers, and first level distributors) to donate an additional 8 sets (12 bags) each month. (Donations are made on the Automatic Delivery Program). After two months of the donations of 16 bags, the distributor becomes an Ambassador.


Yip, Man Nai & Yip, Sheung Nai
Yip, Pik Cheung
Lee, Yuet Mei & Lee, Wan Yeung
Cheang, Fong I & Cheang ,Fong Mei
Yiu, Rebecca & Cheung, Edwin
Lei, Sou Lei Joaquina & Poon, Tik Wai Jamie
Chu, Pui Yee Patty
Vong, Si Man


Ng, Siu Mui
Ip, Uny
Anders, Mary Jane A
Shao, Sheng Lan
Lam, Kam Hung
Ng, Wai I
Wai, Regina Yui Kwan
Cheong I Tin