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February 2016 │NTC Ambassador Recognition

Long Term Chief Ambassador

When one becomes a 12-months Chief Ambassador, the Chief Ambassador becomes Long Term Chief Ambassador

Long Term Chief Ambassador - 9 years

So, Maggie & Lam, Andrew


Long Term Chief Ambassador - 8 years

Choy, Spencer & Lo, Lily 


Long Term Chief Ambassador - 5 years

Chan, Betty & Leung, Michael


Long Term Chief Ambassador - 2 years

Bannister, Peter & Bannister, Kaoru


Long Term Ambassador

When one becomes a 12-months Ambassador, the Ambassador becomes Long Term Ambassador

Long Term Ambassador - 12 years

Graf, Michiko & Graf, Bruno


Long Term Ambassador - 11 years

Lee, Vivian


Long Term Ambassador - 10 years

So, Maggie & Lam, Andrew

Bannister, Peter & Bannister, Kaoru


Long Term Ambassador - 9 years

Choy, Spencer & Lo, Lily

Cheung, Salina & Kwok, Henry


Long Term Ambassador - 7 years

Leung, Po Fung

Sit, Yee Ling

Lo, Shong Pak
Choy, Chi Lun

Tan, Serina & Law, Wai On (new)


Long Term Ambassador - 6 years

Chow, Gee Sik Celia & Wong, Kam Tin

Chan, Betty & Leung, Michael


Long Term Ambassador - 5 years

Lee, Gary & Yip, Amy

Lam, Ka Wang Kevin



Long Term Ambassador - 4 years

Choi, Hok Kai Samuel 

Ngan, Mindy & Wong, Raymond

Lam, Wai Tak

Cheung, Philip & Cheung, Janet & Cheung, Joseph


Long Term Ambassador - 3 years

Ryu, Shumi

Sze-To, Ka Bo & Chan, Ho Cheung

Ip, Iut I

Chan, Yan Choi

Li, Esther & Pong, Aman

Cheung, Kan (new)


Long Term Ambassador - 2 years

Chan, Pui Sze & Tang, Man Fai

Hung, Michael Mon Gae

Yao, Janet

Lai, Ching Wai


Long Term Ambassador - 1 year

Kaneko, Katsumi
Chao, Manuela & Chow, Eric
Che, Pui I & Cheong, Ho Ming
Siu, Kin Fan
Wong, Ling Ling
Fan, Kwai Hang (new)




  • Business partner made a commitment to donate at least 2 sets (four bags) of VitaMeal each month
  • Business partner have inspired others on their first level (personal, personal customers, and first level distributors) to donate an additional 8 sets (12 bags) each month. (Donations are made on the Automatic Delivery Program). After two months of the donations of 16 bags, the distributor becomes an Ambassador.


Lam, Kar Ho Kelvin
Leung, Man Hok
Cheang, Fong I & Cheang ,Fong Mei
Yiu, Rebecca & Cheung, Edwin
Chu, Pui Yee Patty
Vong, Si Man
Ng, Siu Mui

Ip, Uny


Anders, Mary Jane A
Gadut, Terisita C
Ramirez, Rosalinda Torres
Shao, Sheng Lan
Wan, Sui Yuk (new)
Lam, Kam Hung (new)
Chan, Chi Wing & Li, Kit Yuk Alison (new)

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