Community Involvement

Community Involvement

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NU SKIN Force for Good Foundation Hong Kong Chapter


Force for Good is the core value and mission of NU SKIN. Developed her first market in Asia, Hong Kong, in the 90s, Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation Hong Kong Chapter was established in 2009 to carry on this mission. The Foundation highly care and concern the local poverty, especially education, health, and benefits of the underprivileged children. Through sponsoring multiple charity projects, Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation Hong Kong Chapter does not only help people to combat poverty or illness, but also aims to proactively promote other projects on education, knowledge, and learning because NU SKIN believes that by only teaching a man to fish could enhance his quality of life and thus, achieve his dreams.


Children’s Heart Foundation

Since 2005, NU SKIN Hong Kong has been working closely with the Children’s Heart Foundation (CHF) to help the children with congenital heart disease and their families through various fund-raising activities. These activities include a sports day and a charity walk every year. Our support for the activities is always well demonstrated. One good example is NU SKIN has been supporting the CHF Charity Walk for 11 consecutive years since 2006, we won the “Royal Cup” (the greatest amount of funds raised) and “Caring Cup” (largest number of participants in a team) . Donation boxes are also placed at the NU SKIN Plaza and the NU SKIN Mongkok Distribution Center to collect funds. With the concerted effort of our Brand Affiliate and the Company, we have helped many poor children with congenital heart disease and let the people can foresee a better self.


Know more about the charity programs of Force for Good Foundation with Children’s Heart Foundation, please click HERE.  

Act as a “Force for Good”
Nu Skin Enterprises Adopts Eco-Friendly Measures

Committed to environmental protection, NU SKIN encourages business partners to support the environmental protection measures. A plastic bottle recycling bin has been set up near the pickup counter. The bin collects used, washed and dried plastic bottles of our products from business partners.

Apart from that, NU SKIN Plaza installed LED lighting in the showcase and it is expected to save near 20% of electricity used annually. NU SKIN is the first direct-selling company using the e-signature system which can reduce 700,000 paper receipts per year to establish an energy-saving and paperless environment. Also, NU SKIN Plaza uses various electronic devices, including the interactive projector appliance, self-service counters, electronic posters and product information to replace the traditional ways of promotion. It is expected that the annual carbon reduction amount may reach 47,000kg which is equal to 2,600 trees.


Also, clothes recycling are initiates in the NU SKIN Force for Good Day of 2015 and fully supported the go green activity “60 EARTH HOUR”.