2018 NU SKIN
Product Education 

Rooted in Learning - NU SKIN will introduce a variety of rich and exciting curriculums for "2018 NU SKIN Product Education", including numerous special topics from "Healthy Stars Seminar Series,Advanced Product Training” to "Full Product Training Series” etc. Through the curriculums, you will understand the distinctive advantages of our products, and learn more about health and nutrition knowledge, helping you to have more in-depth understanding about the product features and hence, improving your ability in product sharing. Let’s become more beautiful and better in shape from the inside-out!

Target Audience
: NU SKIN Business Partners & Consumers
Training Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Ticketing Time: Tickets will be available for sale on the last Monday of every month till training day
Ticketing Location: Hong Kong NU SKIN PLAZA
Fee: HKD 20 per ticket*

* All revenue from tickets sales will be donated to Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation Hong Kong Chapter for charitable purpose after deducting the necessary expenses.

* Each distributor ID limited to 10 tickets purchase, first-come first-served, while stocks last.


Training categories:

Summary of Basic Product Training



Health Stars Seminar Series


Decoding skin secrets – master the fundamentals of skin care

Explore more about skin structure and different skin types, introduce the basic skin care knowledge and rationale of different skin condition, understand the efficacy and composition of skin care products, so that you can master the key points for maintaining good skin.

Summer sunshine Defense – Skin Whitening and sun-protection

The strong ultra violet during hot Summer time could darken and age you skin. In this class, we will teach you how to have good sun protection and skin whitening techniques to be well prepared for summer!

Saving rough and dry skin - Fall/Winter moisturizing solutions

How to solve the dry and itching skin in fall and winter? In this class, you will learn about the techniques for maintaining hydrated and soft skin in dry seasons. 


Healthy Gut, Healthy Body

Other than helping us absorbs nutrients, intestinal tract is also the body’s largest immune organ. Let’s learn more about balanced diet and nutrients to improve intestinal health!

Healthy Body Shaping Ambassador Training

Analyze the problem of being overweight, the pros and cons of common weight-loss methods and explain what ageLOC® science and ageLOC® TR90® Program are, including the concepts of products, diet and exercises to help you stay in shape!

Stay Healthy during Alternation of Seasons

Talk about the influence on bodily functions during the alternation of seasons, so that you would know how to choose the right nutrients and skincare to help relieve discomfort based on different conditions.

Summary of Advanced Product Training



Product FAQ Ambassador Training

Conduct in a simple and easy way to address the common queries when using NU SKIN and PHARMANEX® products, as well as explaining what “6S Quality Process” is, the class will give you a better understanding of the products so that you could use NU SKIN products correctly and be more satisfied.

Summary of Full Product Training

Three months in a row, one lesson per month, these courses will equip you as a NU SKIN product expert!



Discovery of NU SKIN Personal Care Products

Detailed explanation on the product features, benefits and development concept of NU SKIN personal care products

Discovery of PHARMANEX® Products

Learn more about the product features, benefits and development concept of PHARMANEX® supplements

Discovery of ageLOC® Science & Products

Introduce the ageLOC® science in a simple language and provide an in-depth explanation of the products developed through this platform.