Spoon Story

Spoon Story

This spoon is the starting point of NU SKIN

NU SKIN old photo_management

The year was 1984 and a revolutionary idea was taking shape – an idea simple in scope, yet powerful in its ability to touch lives around the world. Nu Skin Enterprises was founded with the promise of high-quality, scientifically-based personal care products without harsh or harmful fillers that were typical in such products more than 30 years ago. This “all-of-the-good, none-of-the-bad” product philosophy led to the creation of Nu Skin’s original product line.

The initial products were delivered to the founders in 10-gallon containers and the team would carefully hand fill bottles with their efficacious formulations and apply labels. When packaged product ran out, eager customers would bring their own containers and the founders would fill them using a simple spoon. High product demand quickly made this method obsolete as the company began receiving pre-bottled products, yet the spoon has become a lasting reminder that the power to improve lives often starts with a small, simple first step.

NU SKIN was established in 1984 with an initial concept to develop a series of personal care products containing all of the good and none of the bad. Until now, she also develops health supplements and technology products. In these years, NU SKIN has been working hard to help people live better and longer. Now, NU SKIN has offices in nearly 50 markets, 900,000 brand affiliates, 1,264 millionaires(in US$) and over 200 products available around the globe.