Claudia Sandra López Lozano

Claudia Sandra López Lozano


I've blown out the candles for my first "Nuskinian" birthday in Utah. It was magical!


The birth of my daughter Leni and the worst economic crisis in Spain's history, made me stop and think. Would I have enough free time to dedicate to my family? Was I ready to leave my financial future in the hands of the comings and goings of the financial markets? The answers were "no" and "so it seems", respectively.


Being a trained marketing and sales professional, and a born rebel, I knew the traditional business model (study – do a masters – work – get promoted – work in the same company until you retire) didn't fit in to my life project. It worked for a while, but I felt it was drying up. I had to change the answers I got to my questions.


I arrived by chance. I was introduced to the products, I bought them without hesitating, but I was curious because I didn't know the brand, and thus started my research journey. Because I have a "marketingian" spirit, I spent four months researching everything about the company: the products, the markets, the competitors, the industry... EVERYTHING! It all seemed prefect, and I was so fascinated by the results after using the products that I decided to embrace the adventure. I started doing it in the little time I had left between my company and my girl (a baby at the time). And now, you see me!


Architects, publicists, journalists, sales professionals, health experts, engineers, pharmacists, nutritionists, housewives and husbands, lawyers, civil servants, etc... all of them have something in common: they are entrepreneurs, they are visionaries, and they are my team. And they are also "rebels with a cause", just like me, who think the traditional system is not enough for them, so they have decided to take control of their economy and their time. Thanks to all of them, today I can share with you my story!


The team is the key, and having always clear in your mind the reason why you decided to join this project, knowing your "why". Counting on the support of my partner, who takes care of our girl when I am away, is basic (I am renouncing to some of that time together with her so I can dedicate a lot more time in the future).


Thanks to all the crossed lines in Spain, who taught me almost everything! Thanks to my uplines, all of them are great teachers. Thanks to the corporate office for their constant support. Thanks to all my teams, because they are like a volcano, a true source of energy, and for trusting me.


Thanks to Nu Skin for existing.


Will see you on the next trip for Emeralds, which I am now! My next goal is to become a Nourish the Children Ambassador, which will be, for sure, the most exciting.