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Korán János & Wurst Regina


Our Nu Skin story began in August 2008, when we heard about it through one of the clients in the car showroom where we both worked.  Neither of us had prior experience in network marketing, beauty, or wellness. My dream was to become a professional footballer, but that dream was crushed by an injury.  Since then, I worked as an employee in various jobs. And Regina's passion had been travelling before. She found the connection between earning money and gathering experiences on a Caribbean cruise, yet it soon became clear to him that this was not her passion after all.


When we first heard about Nu Skin, discovered the great products, and understood the compensation plan*, we were sure that this business opportunity would align with our vision for our future goals.


At first, the hardest part for us was believing that we could achieve that and that with committed work and effort we were good enough to make it happen. But over time, we developed a lot of new abilities and learned to build more and more self-confidence. A lot of motivational stories from other hard-working Brand Affiliates also inspired us to continue the path to reaching our goals in difficult moments.


One of the biggest milestones for us was reaching the Ruby level and qualifying for the Road to Success! It was on this trip that we first met our top line Kenton Worthington, I in person.  He truly made an unprecedented deep impression on us. No one had ever believed in us as much as Kenton did!  The encounter with him was a defining moment for us after which we were sure we would never give up the deal and one day reach the highest badge level. That’s why the Team Elite level was another very important milestone that was our main goal from the start.


The basis of all our small and big accomplishments was goal setting and the planning needed to achieve the goal. When we were one of the first to move to Poland in 2013 to give a new impetus to the Nu Skin business there as well, we quickly had to learn to take full responsibility of all aspects of our business! At the time, our vision and commitment helped us persevere until the breakthrough! It took six very difficult years. During this time, we had to learn a lot about people and crossing our own borders. In addition, we have made a lot of sacrifices in different areas of life to get where we are today. Then, with the support of more and more fantastic leaders committed to working at the highest level of business and working to achieve it, growth accelerated across the market. Today, a lot of people have improved their lives thanks to the Nu Skin opportunity in our team, which we are very proud of!


Our current goal is to be recognized as a 4* Platinum Team Elite by the company in April 2022 and to qualify for every success trip or Team Elite trip in the future. This is important to us because it’s a recognition of the business development and results achieved not just by us, but also our teams and business partners. Setting our goals helps us achieve this and enables us to raise the commitment of our partners to our level of commitment. Leading by example in business and other areas of life has always been important to us. During our business building, we are constantly motivated by the amazing outcomes of the time, knowledge and energy invested by us and by our top lines / mentors and in our teams.


Over time, we have learned to accept that there are better and worse days at work just like in life. As soon as we encounter a problem, we immediately start working on a solution to resolve it as soon as possible. We focus on people who represent or want to represent values ​​in their lives similar to ours.

Our business development is a result of, among other things, our ability to work hard with commitment to our goals, surround ourselves with people who are positive, active, and productive at Nu Skin.


Thanks to the opportunity and hard work provided by Nu Skin, we are satisfied with where we are today in our lives. We’ve met some of the most wonderful people here and can help great people achieve their goals.


One of the most important things is to believe in yourself and in other people! We want to be an inspiring example for many to achieve their goals.

We believe that we can be a force for good in the lives of people / families around the world by representing and passing on the Nu Skin culture and the opportunity provided by the company to the best of our abilities.


August 2021


*Generating sales compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort and dedication. Success will also depend upon your skills, talents and leadership abilities. This is not a get rich quick program. There is no guarantee of financial success and results will vary widely among participants. A complete summary of earnings at each level in the Sales Performance Plan can be found at