Bettina Lutz

Bettina Lutz


The first time we heard of Nu Skin®, our thought was: Sure, as if! But by chance, in the summer of 2008, we went to a race-course in Iffezheim, Germany. There we saw a Nu Skin® booth and spontaneously decided to try the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System® II. My partner volunteered to have it tested on his skin, and received a treatment on one half of his face. The result was incredible! After this experience, we immediately signed up as a Distributor. Thank you, Karin Oberacker!


A short time later, we introduced Nu Skin® to my long-time friend, Doris Wildenauer, who was also immediately excited and who is now a successful Executive in our downline.


Before we started our Nu Skin® business, we tried almost all the products (they are marvellous) from the company for 1 ½ years. After this testing period it became clear to us what a unique business opportunity we were holding in our hands.  Thanks to numerous trainings from Uwe Ruthard and Henriette Albrecht we were able to quickly find the way how to do the business right. As a result, both our sales and commissions increased tremendously.


For the first time in 20 years of working as a manicurist and cosmetics professional, I was earning money even during my holidays. By the way, I now could start thinking about quitting my job as a manicurist. That is just great! And now, I may even get a free BMW 1 series car through  Nu Skin® Germany's Mobility Project. Achieving such a success was only possible with a lot of ambition, patience, hard work and the high sales of our hard-working Executives in our downline.


Today, our opinion of Nu Skin® is completely different from what I have written in my first sentence above. Now we think: Someone who believes in Nu Skin® will do it forever and live a happy life. Thank you, Nu Skin®!