S3 Microfiber cleaning tissue

Limited edition of sales of the S3 Microfiber cleaning tissue

Preserve the integrity of your award winning tool.


Bronze winner from the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), the Pharmanex BioPhotonic S3 Scanner is a fragile scientific device. Proper care will keep it in good operational condition and guarantee the reliability of its scoring.


Lift dust and oils from the nose of your S3 Scanner and iPad mini screen with the Limited edition S3 Microfiber Cleaning Tissue, a delicate 13x18 cm microfiber cloth.  Non-linting and non-scratching, it is the perfect way to maintain your S3 Scanner and add a professional touch to your scan sessions.


Note: There is only a limited stock available for this item. No additional stock will be ordered, so seize this chance to buy it now!

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