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It Begins with Science


Innovation and collaboration have always been at the heart of what we do. You can see it in the quality of our products and the way we work together: leading scientists, ground-breaking new technologies, and partnerships with scientific institutions. We shift the unshiftable and change the world around us, one amazing product, or one amazing person, at a time.












At Nu Skin, we don’t believe in standing still. The needs of our customers are constantly changing, and our skincare and wellness products change to meet them.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without this belief in innovation, and there is no better example than our ageLOC science. This revolutionary anti-ageing research and technology led to the creation of some of our most-loved products and devices and changed the industry forever.

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Research Centres and Laboratories


We want to make history at Nu Skin, and you can’t do that without cutting-edge facilities. Luckily for us, we have two, helping us continue to provide comprehensive wellbeing and skincare solutions.

Our 2044 m2 Centre for Anti-Ageing Research is the epicentre for continual innovation and scientific discovery. Located in our hometown of Provo, the Centre features five state-of-the-art labs used for the development and evaluation of Nu Skin products. Further afield in Fengxian, China, you can find our Greater China Innovation Park. This 1900 m2 complex houses another six laboratories, as well as over 20 of our research scientists. Our Pharmanex research and product development are conducted here, particularly the selection, safety, and substantiation phases of our 6S Quality Process.



Clinical Trials


We believe in the quality of our products more than anyone, but we would never expect you to just take our word for it.

Nu Skin regularly requests professional third-party clinical studies to prove the effectiveness of our skincare lines, with the results clearly visible in our individual webshop pages where available.



Scientific Advisory Board and
in-house scientists


We are always looking to work with the keenest minds in science. Our products are researched, tested, and developed by a team of over 75 in-house scientists around the world, and guided by our Scientific Advisory Board.

Comprised of experts in various fields, this collective think tank provides unique insights that help us continue to innovate and deliver new and exciting products long into the future.

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‘Innofusion communicates more clearly the fusion of science, technology, and sourcing, thus allowing us to create new products that are keys to help unlock your body’s true potential.


Joe Chang
Chief Scientific Officer

‘Innofusion communicates more clearly the fusion of science, technology, and sourcing, thus allowing us to create new products that are keys to help unlock your body’s true potential.’


Joe Chang
Chief Scientific Officer






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