Lucie and Pavel Svobodovi

Lucie and Pavel Svobodovi


Our story with Nu Skin began when we expected it the least. We were running a successful business in the field of nutrition and alternative health care, we were building a new centre and another business plan was to open a vegetarian restaurant. We truly did not seek another business opportunity at that time. And yet it arrived.


We met with our present sponsor, Dana Dobrichovsska, through our friend. Although we were not tempted by doing business with Nu Skin, I (Lucie) got very excited by technologies and products, because I studied this area at the university and I felt a great potential in that. On the contrary, my husband Pavel had a very negative attitude. Nevertheless, we both started testing the products, because their quality and effectiveness was the most important to us. Within half a year of using and studying the products, we started realising what it is we have in our hands. Pavel gave me the full support to work with the company, he just did not want to participate actively. And that was the key moment because I said: "We will either do Nu Skin together or we will not do it at all."


And so we went together to the conference in March 2015, where we got to know the culture and the size of the company and also the people who have achieved huge success and fulfilment of their dreams. Everything suddenly made sense to us, and we felt a huge desire to be a part of it.


After returning home, we decided that we do not want to keep such a great thing just to ourselves and we started spreading our enthusiasm. We became Executives within 14 days and within four months we reached the Ruby pin title. We celebrated our first year anniversary with Nu Skin in March this year during the EMEA Success Trip in Miami already as Emeralds.


Our success has never been the driving force. It was the fact that we can change the lives of other people too and that is very fulfilling. We have a great team where we all pull together and that is the force that leads us all to success.


As they say - no pain no gain - and it is a great truth that we have always kept in our minds and we also worked hard. Likewise, the building of this business requires a great deal of diligence, self-discipline, honesty, austerity and support of our children. But the cakes it brings are the largest and sweetest we have ever tasted. Our life has been greatly enriched and changed in such a short period of time. We are happy that we found Nu Skin and we know that is the best business for us.



Lucie and Pavel Svobodovi