Lotta and Dan

Lotta and Dan


What makes us succeed in life? How do we create loving friendships, whilst achieving financial success? What makes this possible?


We need a business structure, where we truly wish to help others to succeed. Nu Skin Enterprises is a company that gives us that opportunity.


At the time when I realised that Nu Skin® was something I could believe in, Lotta was working in Austria as a Marketing Director responsible for the construction and retail business. I myself was working as a Sales Manager in the same team. Our positions and our work took a lot of time, and at that time, we also had the responsibility of being great parents to our twelve-year-old son David.


Before we were shown a full-fledged presentation of Nu Skin®, I was quite sceptical of all the information I got. Of course, this was both foolish and premature, since I knew nothing about it. But Lotta, who is very intelligent and determined, convinced me to attend a meeting with Blue Diamond Sirkku Björklund. Sirkku completely pulverised my reservations and replaced them with concrete facts, which clearly showed me that we were facing a great opportunity. Curiosity took over completely!


With Nu Skin® and its very strong compensation plan, we saw that there was a flexible way to increase our revenue! Attractive prospects found a place in our minds. Our family is very passionate about travelling together, which is generally associated with substantial costs. So, we chose to accept... Now, we can travel more and better. We signed up with Nu Skin® on 26 July, 2010! We had a gut feeling after Sirkku’s presentation and made our decision soon after. This was a start for us and a turning point in our lives!


We chose to concentrate initially on building and developing a team of four people. We didn´t actually know how easy or difficult it would be. But one thing we were quite clear on right from the start: we would achieve this goal, no matter how long it would take. 

The first presentation we held was somewhat disorganised and we just used pen and paper to draw out the incomprehensible team system. After five weeks of evening- and weekend presentations, we had our team in place. These days, our presentations are of a higher quality and we are helping our teams to get their teams in place.


It can take some time to become a Ruby Executive. We reached it in three months. Speed is not the primary goal; the will to succeed is! We saw the potential of the business early on. After two and a half months, we made a huge decision. After 18 and 15 years working for the same company, both me and Lotta chose to leave our jobs and to commit ourselves fulltime to the tremendous exciting entrepreneurship that Nu Skin® had offered us – and offers to all of us!


Our goal now is to become Blue Diamond by June, 2011 with the motto "Quality over Quantity". Whether we reach our goal in time remains to be seen; but without a clear direction, your vision and goals remain just dreams.


Finally, we would like to thank our sponsor Jeanette Bogathy, who gave us the opportunity to join up with Nu Skin®. Thanks also to Sirkku Björklund, who made us see the greatness of Nu Skin® with her straightforward manner. Last but not least, a great thanks to Blue Diamonds Dag & Maja Ridderstedt who have been our mentors from the start. Thank you all!


Best regards!

Dan & Lotta