Kathrin and Michael Glauninger

Kathrin and Michael Glauninger


My husband and I have always been very active. Michael was a professional footballer in his youth and I used to be a dancer until the age of 15, dancing together with my brother on countless stages. Even today, my mother says that I should become an actress, because I have so much self-confidence that I gained from dancing in my childhood. And then I met my husband who was also not a shy person thanks to the countless goals he scored and the football tournaments he helped to win in the past. One could say, we did not search for each other, but finally found forever.


We met in 2012 when we were both working in the fitness industry. I owned a small gym in my hometown of Voitsberg, Austria, and he was a personal trainer in Graz. First colleagues, then a couple, today we are proud parents of our 2 ½ year-old son, Leon. We now successfully run our gym together.


Last year, we started building an online platform for fitness and nutrition coaching in cooperation with a partner company. And we are still the number 1 in this field in Austria. We have always had fun in supporting our clients to reach their goals. And thanks to the online programme, we are now able to help people in the entire German speaking region! In the past 1 ½ years, we could see how fast something can grow in the online and social media world.


After Thomas and Stefanie Kogler, our Blue Diamond upline, introduced us to the ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa and other great Nu Skin products (including supplements), we started recommending Nu Skin’s Pharmanex LifePak+ and Marine Omega within our online community that we had established meanwhile. The success was incredible, and we also added other supplements to the programme. As this online coaching programme addresses women, the demand for cosmetics was much bigger than for supplements. And so we decided to also develop an online platform in the beauty area – picbe was born.


With “picbe – the Beauty Box” women and men in the German speaking region have the possibility to use the online support of our professionally trained picbe girls to receive their personal beauty box. Our beauty consultants receive a 3-month training during which we guide them in person and online. During this training, they learn about Nu Skin products and can experience their effectiveness. Our vision is, with Nu Skin and its great products, to grow picbe girls in Austria and Germany as much as possible to become the strongest Nu Skin team in this area.


All these ideas would have never been realised without the help of Thomas and Stefanie. They have never left us alone and have always seen the big something in us. In the beginning, we did not want to believe how many possibilities we would have in network marketing. And we did not even know how it worked. Thomas and Stefanie, however, have always been there to support and encourage us, and invited us to events. Especially after attending big events and meetings we used to be very motivated and further developed our ideas.


And here we are now, some talks, events and trainings later. Something we would have never dreamed of. With Nu Skin, we are finally able to live the life that we have always envisioned. And for this, we want to thank everyone who supported us to get there and believed in us. In our first picbe training in August, we have already trained 40 new consultants. And now we are Ruby Executives since September.


We are looking forward to a beautiful future, together.