Jiajun Wang

Jiajun Wang


Jiajun Wang, born in 1994, also called Jason, used to work in the wholesale business before Nu Skin. He started his journey by accident after being inspired by Nu Skin’s advanced business model and unique products. But his partners are the one that really set him on track and inspired him to adopt and cultivate the company’s motto: “Force for Good”. He noticed that by cherishing this international anti-age springboard, even a modest person could operate an international and outstanding life. This trust in the company allowed him to invest all is effort in developing his business.


At the start of his 10 months journey with Nu Skin, his parents did not understand nor support him, and his friends as well often showed their disapproval with biting sarcasm. Jason however continued to grow his business and did not stop learning, trying at all time to improve the quality of his partners’ life. Each time a person saw the change after using Nu Skin’s products, he felt immensely touched and proud.


For him, Nu Skin is a fair and equitable platform, requiring continuous effort, an unbreakable will to learn and a nurturing patience. Nu Skin did not only give him a business opportunity, but also a complete new way of life.


If his life had no objective, no plan, he believes he wouldn’t have been able to climb his way to success. Wang uses his time, his experience and achievement to encourage his partners. “You just need to have the fire inside you, believe in yourself, in your power; don’t miss out on what makes your life great!”

“Nu Skin keeps amazing us thanks with its products, our endless source of youth”.