Tatiana Kostsevyat and Roman Sobolevskiy

Tatiana Kostsevyat and Roman Sobolevskiy


Twenty-five years ago, we joined the network marketing business for the first time. In just four years, we became top leaders in one of the well-known American direct selling companies. It all happened because we were supported by giants of the network industry – John Kalanch, Tom Schreiter, Mark Yarnell, Sandy Elsberg and others.


Roman was actively translating their books and intensively promoted the principles and culture of Intelligent Network Marketing – honesty, mutual support and business ethics across a growing organisation.


When the company we worked at, was closed, we were invited to Nu Skin. We were attracted to Nu Skin because of its original and unique products, superior charismatic leader, Elena Schnevski and the classical model of well-paid and generous marketing plan.


In a good marketing or, as we call it Sales Compensation Plan, there is always an opportunity to help our partners and followers to feel the benefits of financial freedom. This opportunity became a dream come true in previous years and we found its continuation at Nu Skin.


This has always been and will always be our main motivation and goal. We attract people to Nu Skin every day and they become our partners and customers. The sense of responsibility for these people keeps us in tune and does not allow us to be discouraged.


We believe that the key components for success are inherent in the person themselves. Any difficulties and obstacles have no chance to win when you reveal key components in yourself through mentoring. Nothing can distract you on your way to success.


Clear goals, faith, regular actions and the ability to inspire are the basis for successful movement along the difficult path to success in the multi-level marketing industry. That was confirmed by our multiple years of impressive results in this sphere.


When you duplicate these basics, your organisation will grow and prosper quite quickly.


Personal success is always the sum of success generated within your team.