Epoch Kasbah Blend

Epoch® Kasbah Blend

Epoch Kasbah features essential oils that the indigenous people of Asia Minor and the Arabian Peninsula used to help feel safe and secure from external annoyances during outdoor activities. While all the essential oils in this blend provide benefits, citronella and lemongrass were specifically added due to their traditional use protecting the skin from external disturbances.

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Product Details

  • Ingredients

    •    Grape Seed
    •    Sweet Almond
    •    Turmeric
    •    Citronella
    •    Lemongrass
    •    Jasmine
    •    Myrrh

  • Usage

    Epoch Kasbah is a ready-to-use blend designed for topical application on the skin.
    Sensitive Skin: People with a stronger sensitivity to essential oils may need to mix with Epoch Topical Blending Oil prior to use.