LifePak/Estera Phase I ADR Package

Lifepak® /Estera Phase 1 Pkg

LifePak Vitamin & Mineral Supplement
LifePak® is a nutritional supplement with optimal levels of essential micronutrients scientifically formulated to support longevity and wellness. LifePak® provides a comprehensive array of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals typically lacking in the average adult diet. In addition to meeting these common nutritional deficiencies, LifePak®'s many health benefits include powerful antioxidant support to protect cells, immune system support, promotion of cardiovascular health, blood sugar metabolism support, complete bone nutrition, and other anti-aging benefits.
Estera™ Phase I
Estera™Phase I is designed to benefit women during childbearing years. This product contains a patent-pending blend of phytoestrogens, which are plant based compounds that have a mild estrogenic receptor binding effect. Estera" Balance ingredient formulation works with the liver to help promote a healthy ratio of estrogen metabolites provide relief from common PMS symptoms like fatigue, mild mood swings, breast tenderness, and water retention. Evening primrose oil and borage seed oil have also been added for their complementary benefits.

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