Portfolio 2020

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Portfolio 2020

Below you will find a general list of products going away with the Portfolio 2020 initiative. You will find replacement products listed below as well.

Hair Care

Small Conditioners (large Conditioner's still available)
Small Shampoos 
(large Shampoo's still available)

Nu Colour

Advanced Tinted Moisturizer (Liquid Finishes still available. Select Advanced Tinted Moisturizers will be available promotionally in the future)

Contouring Lip Gloss (Smile Pop Lip Gloss still available)
Pressed Powder

Mascara (Curl & Lash Mascara still available)
Liptint (Powerlips still available)
Lipstick (Powerlips still available)

Epoch Essential Oils

All oils
All diffusers

Men's Care

Epoch Everglide Foaming Shave Gel (Men's Shave Cream still available)