New Scanner Program - Coming June 1, 2017


Program Comparison




Month to Month Agreement

New Lease Setup Fee



Monthly Lease Fee



Loss and Damage Coverage

$20 (Optional)

$25 (Required)

Initial & Subsequent Scan Bonus



Monthly Lease Waiver Promotion

100% or 50% Based on Activity




94 PV/125 CV

Digital Scan Credits


50 Credits/$125

Total Monthly Cost




  • You must comply with the 80% rule described in the distributor Policies and Procedures by selling or consuming at least 80% of your digital scans every month. Nu Skin will review your digital scan use after 6 months (and from time to time afterwards) to make sure you are able to comply with this rule. If you have not been able to maintain this level of scan use you will be required to return your scanner and we will give you a refund for all unopened digital scan packages purchased under this program according to Nu Skin's regular return policy.


  • All current S3 operators are required to switch to the new program by submitting a new Scanner Agreement. Your current agreement will terminate as of June 1, 2017.


  • Charges will occur every 30 days from the date the scanner ships.

  • Loss and damage coverage is required.


  • Waiver Program is no longer valid, expired May 31, 2017.     


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