Haley Nguyen


Title: Sales Manager, Vietnamese language


Phone: 801-345-4310



Haley grew up in Vietnam and studied at Huflit University where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations. Haley’s journey with Nu Skin began in 2012 when Nu Skin opened the market in Vietnam. She was one of the first Account Managers of Vietnam. She was located to the United States in Oct 2014 as an Account Manager and later was promoted as a Sales Manager. Haley is passionate about self-development. In her spare time, she enjoys her family time, reading and traveling.



Mo Phan


Title: Account Manager, U.S East coast & Canada, Vietnamese


Phone: 801-345-2692



Mo Phan graduated from University of Utah earning two Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology and Fine Art. Mo’s prior experience includes more than ten years in the customer service industry, time spent as a Sales Support Representative. Current Mo serves the East side of North America Vietnamese market. Mo is fluent in both English and Vietnamese. In her spare time, Mo enjoys her family time, creating art and gardening.




Vu Nguyen


Title: Account Manager, U.S. West Coast, Vietnamese


Phone: 801-345-2101



I have sales experience more than 10 years, was real estate and construction contractor back in Vietnam. When I came to US in 2010. I started to study Mechanical Engineering at SLCC. I owned a Vietnamese Restaurant and then joined Nu Skin as Sales Support Representative then as Distributor Support and Vietnamese Account Manager in Central America. I can speak English and Vietnamese fluently. I love travel, food and movies. Most important is my family.




Tracie Dinh


Title: Account Manager, Central U.S, Vietnamese


Phone: 801-345-4311



Tracie was born in Viet Nam and moved to United States when she was 13 years old. She joined Nu Skin in February 2015 as a Distributor Support and later became a Distributor Support Information Lead. She is currently pursuing a degree in Business Management while enjoying her work as a Vietnamese Account Manager which started in April 2016.