500 Million Meals


Nourish the Children Initiative Reaches 500 Million Meals Milestone


Nu Skin’s Nourish the Children Initiative recently surpassed 500 million meals provided to malnourished children in need. Since its inception, Nourish the Children has been supported by a steady stream of VitaMeal that has been purchased and donated by generous Nu Skin sales leaders, customers and employees around the world. 


The initiative first began in 2002 as an innovative way to alleviate hunger in a sustainable manner, and today it helps facilitate food donations to more than 150,000 children every day. Each meal provides much-needed nutrition to support both physical and mental development.


“It is heartwarming to think of the impact of providing 500 million meals to malnourished children,” said Steven J. Lund, executive chairman of the board and executive director of Nourish the Children. “Reaching such a significant milestone is a testament to the compassion and generosity of Nu Skin’s sales leaders, customers and employees and to the collective good we can do. We are a powerful family. Not only do the contributions feed hungry children, but they increase opportunities for learning and bring hope to those individuals and nations in need.”


Parents Attribute Daughter’s Good Health to VitaMeal


Silvia is 12 years old and has been eating VitaMeal since the age of five at a community center in Amatitan, El Salvador. Before having regular meals of VitaMeal, Silvia struggled to find something to eat every day and often went to bed hungry. The main staple of food for her family was tortillas with beans or eggs, when available.


“My life is different now because at the community center I eat delicious food, and I know it has helped me to be strong,” Silvia said.


The young girl, who likes to jump rope and sew clothes for her dolls from old pieces of cloth, is now at a healthy weight and height for her age. Her parents credit her good health to Nu Skin’s Nourish the Children initiative and its charity partner, Feed the Children, for providing VitaMeal at the community center. Without this support, her parents believe her growth and development might have drastically suffered.


“My life has changed because my child has the opportunity to eat healthy, and that is something I couldn’t provide by myself,” Silvia’s mother said.


Generous donations of VitaMeal are changing lives like Silvia's all over the world. To find more information about the Nourish the Children initiative and how to get involved, visit NourishtheChildren.com.