Peggy Krock



Peggy Krock from Goleta, California, has a passion for teaching and improving lives. She began her professional career as physical education teacher and coach, and eventually created her own health company, focusing on weight loss. Due to an illness Bill had been fighting for years, extensive medical costs were incurred depleting their savings. When Peggy was introduced to Nu Skin and the BioPhotonic Scanner at age 53, she saw this as an opportunity to earn some supplemental income for herself and her family by sharing this technology and opportunity with others. Demonstrating to her daughter and granddaughter the principles for building a business resulted in them joining her in the Nu Skin opportunity.


 “I’m teaching again, but in a realm of showing people how they can own their life,” Peggy says.  She is a big believer in envisioning the life you want to live. For her, this meant creating a mental movie and dream board that she visualized daily. She then took action and built a sense of urgency around the Scanner and how it could help others.


Peggy worked hard to reach her goals, including achieving Team Elite success. “I knew I wanted to hang out with those leaders,” she says. In addition to the many rewards Peggy and her family enjoy thanks to her Nu Skin business, Peggy loves the fact she can now design her day. This often includes riding to the top of the Santa Barbara Mountains on her horse, Star. “I can work my business on horseback,” she says. “I just rein up and take a three-way call.” As she continues to grow her business, she advises new distributors to focus on where they are going and to be consistent in their daily activities: “Embrace the journey, it will set you free.”





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