Hailing Yu

Hailing Yu


What was the greatest success you experienced during our most recent ageLOC TR90 LTO?
My organization increased by 30%, a lot of new leaders emerged. We can truly see the power of an LTO: Long Term Organization growth! That is what we can see in November compared to September volume as well.
What challenges did you face during our most recent LTO? How did you overcome them?
The challenges are: first, make people believe the TR90 product and the LTO model; secondly, align the team with the same goal: through LTO to be RUBY, build RUBY, and duplicate RUBY!

In terms of building trust on the products, we planned the LTO several months ago by running the program with existing weight loss products (reDESIGN in 90, and created a lot of success stories from it). For the people interested in TR90, we asked them to start changing their eating habits and taking our supplements, so when they begin TR90, they will see the result faster and better!

We aligned our leaders to understand the importance of the LTO and how to use TR90 to build their organization, not just one-time volume.

How has the LTO model influenced the way you train and coach your down line?
Through the LTO model, we can more easily align our leaders with the same goal. We talk about the importance of LTO in almost all meetings. This creates great energy among the team, a great opportunity to build our organization. Seeing is believing, believing is achieving! Once they saw the power of the LTO model, they will not miss the next LTOs.

What lessons have you learned from the LTO process?
You have to prepare early for the LTO and ask each leader to have a clear goal for their organization in the next LTO. An LTO is the great opportunity for building a large organization; however the stable volume is the key for our long term organization development. So during the daily activity, we use the LTO as a recruiting opportunity, but also have trainings to enhance the other product knowledge and usage, such as LifePak Nano, Tegreen, and so on.

What are you doing now to plan and prepare for the next LTO?
Since the first TR90 preorder is done, people have already started using the products. Now, following up on the results is one of the key factors for the next successful LTO. We need to have a lot of TR90 success stories and the first LTO money stories for the next LTO. In our trainings, we train our team how to use TR90 to recruit.

What are your goals with our next LTO?
From now on, my goal is to at least double my organization by the next LTO: double the number of executives, double the ruby and above leaders!