Yoann Ziqiao Yu

Yoann Ziqiao Yu


Working hard as a struggling University student with three minimum wage jobs, Yoann Ziqiao Yu was looking for something different. She felt exhausted every day and wasn’t seeing the results she wanted in her personal growth and social life. After graduation Yoann ran into difficulty finding a job in her desired field, which in retrospect was a huge blessing for her. “Maybe it was destiny, because after not finding any openings I moved back to Hong Kong where a long-time friend introduced me to the Nu Skin products and opportunity. Not only did I love the products, but I realized I knew so many people that would also love Nu Skin.”


Although she loved the product, she was skeptical of the business opportunity. After researching the company further, seeing the integrity of the company, and the passion of the distributors, she began her Nu Skin journey. With a newfound focus, Yoann was energized at the aspect of sharing the product and opportunity with her friends and family. Although she ran into rejection, Yoann attributes her positive attitude and persistent spirit to her success. “When I began, people doubted me because I didn’t know all the answers; I didn’t know all the products. By facing this adversity I learned to grow. If I didn’t have to overcome obstacles, I would not have become stronger.”


Yoann is grateful to her friend that introduced her to the business and uses this memory to motivate her when she is discouraged. She sees her downline in the same situations that she was in and she is inspired to help them learn and grow. By focusing on helping her downline share the products, Yoann is able to be involved in their journey. “Right now, my team is my responsibility and my missions. The satisfaction I gain from helping them far exceeds any other reward from this business.”