Ying Tran

Ying Tran


Having worked as a cosmetologist for 17 years, Ying Tran has a unique passion for skincare products. Leveraging her considerable expertise and knowhow, Ying strives in each encounter to help others find and reveal the beauty that already exists within them.  With Nu Skin, Ying is able to show them how they can complement their inner beauty with a remarkable skincare line.


Ying’s first exposure to Nu Skin didn’t occur in an opportunity meeting or an event, but through the simple example of a neighbor she did not see frequently. When they stopped by one day for a short visit, Ying witnessed the incredible effects Nu Skin products had on their countenance. Her neighbor’s skin looked radiant; she had a smoother complexion, and appeared slimmer. Her neighbor was a new person! Ying yearned to know the secret behind her neighbor’s transformation and inquired after her products and regimen. Ying’s neighbor responded by casually introducing her to Nu Skin.


Interested in what the company had to offer, Ying started researching and was impressed by what she discovered. Ying had previous direct sales experience and realized that Nu Skin set itself apart from the competition by being financially stable, possessing a positive corporate culture, and having a rewarding and fair business opportunity. Ying had always wanted to be a part of a business that offered products to support one’s health, beauty, and overall wellbeing and Nu Skin was the answer she had been searching for. With no hesitation, Ying decided to enroll as a distributor.


Ying enjoys sharing the products and business with everyone she loves. “Some of my friends and family have joined Nu Skin because of trust, plain and simple. They have trust in me, they have trust in the company, and they have trust in the compensation plan. When you demonstrate your trustworthiness by being consistent, fair, and reliable, it’s easy to commit full-heartedly.”


She is quick to point out that success in this business is not easy, but it is attainable if you have a plan and a clear desire. “Being successful is simple when broken down to the necessary components. You must be focused with goals that directly lead to your specific dreams. If you continue to believe, remain humble and learn from your mistakes, and always remain persistent, you can be successful.”


Having reached Ruby status, Ying’s motivation to climb higher and work harder is fueled by her ‘why’. “I am elated when I see others improve their skin through the regular use of Nu Skin products. That’s why I do this business – these lives transformed, these moments we share. They are infinitely more valuable than money.”