Yina Ochoa & Oscar Diaz

Yina Ochoa & Oscar Diaz


           Hailing from Bogota, Colombia, Yina Ochoa and husband Oscar Diaz ran a successful business in Colombia for over 10 years. While Yina was also studying psychology she and Oscar started a beautiful family. On top of all this, an even greater change soon arrived when Yina and Oscar decided to move to America. Learning to adapt to a completely new lifestyle, they were fortunate to find great opportunities in their new home of Panama City, Florida.


            After the birth of their second daughter, Yina decided it was best for her to stay at home in order to care for their children. Ever the entrepreneur, Yina still yearned for an opportunity where she could continue to grow a business without being required to spend time away from her daughters.  A visit from her sister introduced Yina and Oscar to the Nu Skin product line as well as the Nu Skin opportunity. Yina and Oscar delved in with enthusiasm as they latched onto the chance to start another successful business. Yina does not believe in hesitation:  “Most opportunities are once in a lifetime and it depends on you whether or not you let the opportunity disappear forever.”


            With the purchase of a starter kit and Yina’s sister returning to Colombia, Yina and Oscar found themselves at a loss of how to start. After extensive research into the company and products through the website, seminars, and assistance from other distributors, Yina and Oscar grew to love the company and were prepared to begin their journey with Nu Skin. “With total conviction to move forward, we met the challenge and began to tell others about Nu Skin and were ready to take our first big step to become executives. With this first success, we managed to not only obtain a title but also security and a desire to keep selling the product and dreaming for our new life.”


            Despite initial success, Yina and Oscar still encountered obstacles along their journey. With many people refusing to listen to their Nu Skin story, for Yina and Oscar admitting defeat was an option that they refused to accept. “With any opposition, two options are presented: to become stronger or not. Facing these challenges allowed me to realize my dream with Nu Skin. I did not need to listen to the negativity because I loved what I was doing, which proved to be stronger than any obstacle Oscar and I encountered along the way.”


            Originally, Yina and Oscar intended on joining Nu Skin for the potential financial rewards. As they learned more about the business, their dreams have grown and strengthened Yina and Oscar aspirations to be successful with Nu Skin. Having reached Emerald status, Yina and Oscar do not plan on slowing on their way to becoming Blue Diamonds by creating, duplicating, and multiplying stars within the organization, searching for new customers, and always supporting every person that has the same drive to succeed.