Yan Hua Cen & Raymond Rong



Hailing from two different professional backgrounds, Yan Hua Cen & Raymond Rong were drawn together with the same vision to enjoy a rich family life and find a way to greater prosperity. Working as a hair stylist and a restaurant designer respectively, the couple’s proficiency with beauty products and working with people directly led them to consider direct selling as a complimentary source of income. Yan Hua’s friend, a Nu Skin distributor, in particular piqued their interest as she was finding tremendous satisfaction in building her own venture. Inspired, Yan Hua discussed the business in depth with Raymond. After considerable research and deliberation, they decided that Nu Skin was precisely the foundation they were looking to build their future upon.


Shortly after embarking on their Nu Skin journey, Yan Hua and Raymond committed to work towards the ambitious goal of becoming Blue Diamond executives. While demanding, this clear objective provided encouragement and excitement to the couple as they began to open their mouths and share their burgeoning story. With concentrated action, they began to find more consumers for their products, and more new Executives joined them. Raymond reflects, “Once I saw that momentum was on our side and that people were truly interested in improving their lives with Nu Skin, our vision of what we could accomplished shifted from personal achievement to aiding others. Relationships are transformed through this opportunity, teammates having become like family to us.”


Both Yan Hua and Raymond are quick to point out the instrumental role their up line played in their development. By taking the time to walk the couple through each step necessary to make products sales, sponsor the right individuals, guide with compassion, and live lives of service, their leaders have shown them demonstrably how to succeed with Nu Skin. “We take their counsel seriously and never as criticism. They have already accomplished so much in their time with this company that we are grateful for each insight they provide and the comfort they offer when we get discouraged. We feel the greatest way we can repay them is to teach and live their principles with our team.”


Having reached their initial goal of Blue Diamond, Yan Hua and Raymond have set their sights even higher and plan to become new Team Elites. They are confident that they will reach this new title as they apply their “them first” mentality to their continued team building. “When you make those within your stewardship your priority, amazing things unfold. People thrive, goals are met, and lives are changed. Commit to this philosophy and you will not only find success, but the unparalleled joys of gratitude and perspective.”