Xinyu Yao & Hong Cai

Xinyu Yao & Hong Cai


For the husband and wife duo of Xinyu Yao & Hong Cai, Nu Skin was nothing more than where they purchased their skincare products for the past decade. While he was happy his wife loved the products, Xinyu never imagined that he would ever be a distributor. He talks of the transformation he undertook: “Although I had not been fired, I was discouraged one day when many of my coworkers, regardless of background, were laid off one by one. It was then I realized how the corporate world is brutal and outside your control. At this point, I began to look at other opportunities as a safe-guard.”


Around this same time, Hong was talking with one of her friends who was looking for a skincare solution. Just like her husband, Hong had never been enamored with the idea of becoming a distributor. During her conversation, Hong mentioned that her friend might want to look at Nu Skin’s product line. This discussion completely changed Hong’s outlook on her potential as a distributor. “When we decided to sign up as distributors, many of our friends were positive and we are grateful to them. Our upline was also very supportive, especially when other friends were being negative. We found that as we did our best to prepare and succeed, we began to learn how to deal with opposition.”


Xinyu & Hong firmly believe that Nu Skin is like a school and as they learn and grow, they continue to reach their goals. But they also realize it is a team effort, and selling the product can be difficult at times. Just as Xinyu & Hong needed their upline during difficulties, they try to be as supportive as possible for their team members. Xinyu believes the best way to stay together is to connect. “We have regular meetings. We have regular trainings. We communicate as a team. As we align our goals more closely, we all grow as leaders. A leader is someone who has a shoulder for others to cry on. But also is a person who will wipe those tears away and help them get back to work.”