Thang & Tracey Dang

Thang & Tracey Dang


With a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering and working for a major aerospace manufacturer, while also running a side business with his brother, Thang Dang lived a busy life. He was not interested in direct selling when first approached with the opportunity. When he learned specifically about Nu Skin, he believed it was “just another cosmetics company” and not necessarily a good match for his professional skillset.


Yet after three months of serious research and review, Thang began to see the promise of Nu Skin. Immediately after signing up, Thang got on a plane for a Kick-Off meeting in Orlando. Filled with excitement after the event, he called all of his friends about getting involved and faced rejection from every single one. However, thanks to assistance from his up lines and others, Thang did not get discouraged and gained experience in learning how to approach prospective customers and distributors. Even though he still had considerable lessons to learn, Thang’s steadfast support system encouraged him to keep going.


Thang recounts his first success when he, his brother, and their up line Hoang Dang received their initial commission checks. Seeing the tangible rewards for their time and effort provided immense inspiration. “That got me all excited because I knew the business was real, the money was real, and the possibilities were real. My brother and I literally jumped up and down that day!”


During the course of his Nu Skin journey, Thang introduced the opportunity to Tracey Le, who both enrolled as a distributor and eventually became his wife. Their perspective on success has transformed as they have committed to personal development and advanced in the business. They now believe they can dream bigger and achieve greater goals, not only for themselves, but also for individuals and team members across the globe. Thang and Tracey’s ‘why’ has evolved and is now measured in their ability to provide a meaningful life for their offspring and enriching the lives of others through philanthropy.


Instrumental to their success has been their insistence on definite goal setting. “We wouldn't have got to where we are today if we didn't set goals since the inception of our team.  We made specific goals and held ourselves accountable every week, every month, every year.” Motivation has also proved crucial to their accomplishments. Whenever the couple sees someone in the business, they either aspire to be like them or aid them in finding their own definition of success. The final element they ascribe to their organization’s growth and achievement has been their resolute commitment to conducting their business and personal behavior with the upmost integrity.


Each of these components has helped them reach Blue Diamond status. Thang and Tracey encourage fellow distributors and prospects to stay positive and “always believe in yourself and your dreams!”