Rebecca Morris

Rebecca Morris


Rebecca Morris was still in high school when she first heard about a company called Nu Skin. Although her parents decided that the opportunity wasn’t right for them, a seed had been planted that would bear fruit nearly five years later when Rebecca was reintroduced to the Nu Skin products and opportunity. “I was very shy when I started, so I had to start slow to overcome my fear of talking to people. I began very part-time, maybe 1-2 hours a day. Through those small steps I began to gain confidence in myself.”


That confidence grew and steadily Rebecca was growing her customer base through product sales while encouraging others who decided to join as distributors themselves. Looking back on those early moments, Rebecca credits her upline and team members for helping her through some of the hardest times. “This opportunity has shown me that I have the mental and physical strength to achieve anything I wholeheartedly believe in. In addition, having a team around me that believe in me and my mission was a large part of my growth. We all have low points in this business – I certainly did. Because of my coaches and friends in this business, I was able to be lifted up on numerous occasions and get back into the mindset of problem solving versus sulking on an obstacle that had risen up. Teamwork makes the dream work!”


Rebecca continually strives to help her team work and grow together while she strives to become a better version of herself. Instead of telling her team what she wants them to do, she shows them how to get there and is sure to be there herself. “The single biggest lesson I have learned that completely changed my outlook on leadership was that I had to BECOME a leader that I would personally want to follow. What I came to find in my personal development journey is that you must first BECOME, in order to then be able to go DO the necessary action in order to HAVE your dreams and goals. It is a process.” 


When asked what her one-liner for success would be, Rebecca responded with the following: “You achieve what you believe.” She has certainly proven that to be true.