Ping Han Wang

Ping Han Wang


Beginning her training as an engineer in China, Ping Han Wang subsequently immigrated to Canada, where she spent over 10 years applying her expertise to the construction industry. Throughout her time in that field, she consistently faced taxing tolls from her employment– grueling workdays, frequent overtime, and income that was not commensurate to her efforts. Convinced that there must be an alternative that was more fair, she began searching fervently for another profession.


Fortune struck when Ping Han was introduced to Nu Skin via an associate, and eventual up line, who was sampling Pharmanex products. Very quickly, her curiosity turned into testimony as she experienced radical results. “That was the first time in my life that I experienced a total change in the way I felt. I felt better than I had in years. The only thing I changed in my regimen was incorporating the products, so I knew for sure that they were the font of my newfound feeling of wellness. I was totally on board.”                 


Ping Han started her team part-time, seeing Nu Skin initially as a safety net for her career as an engineer. Despite scattered efforts and no goal setting, her business still grew, albeit slowly. It was when she realized the example she was setting for her leaders was lacking that she began to dedicate more time and planning in building an organization. “It dawned on me that many people came into this business purely based on their trust in me as an individual, taking my word that they could find success. And here I was, dallying and not doing my best, wondering why things weren’t taking off! Once I acknowledged that our collective success rested with me being the role model for correct behavior, I promptly changed my routines and attitude.”


Implementing best practices into her business that she wished her down lines to adopt yielded tremendous results. Not only did Ping Han’s teammates learn from her example and begin to thrive by selling products to their customers and working to expand their own organizations, but they also grew closer together as a more cohesive unit. Additionally, she discovered the importance of setting measurable goals and holding oneself accountable, which in turn led to more effective strategies and the eventual attainment of her immediate ambitions, including becoming Blue Diamond. In reaching this prestigious rank, Ping Han has transformed her perspective on what being successful truly means. She sagely notes, “I used to think that being successful meant being well off. Nu Skin’s model of success is more comprehensive and is centered in helping other people. By aiding others, I am living this company’s mission to be a Force For Good and I can imagine no greater success than that. Our true purpose is found when we apply ourselves wholeheartedly to this cause, which nourishes and blesses every life it touches.”