Phyllis Yiu

Phyllis Yiu


Upon arriving in Vancouver, BC by way of Hong Kong, Phyllis and her husband, Danny, began a career in the restaurant industry. Due to some unforeseen socio-economic changes in their target demographic, their customer base rapidly diminished and they were forced out of the business. Facing a difficult choice, both of them reluctantly entered the traditional workforce in new, unfamiliar fields.


Years prior to this upheaval, Phyllis was introduced to the business in Hong Kong via a friend who had relatives that were successful Nu Skin distributors. At that time, she was juggling many responsibilities and could not take the time necessary to invest in the opportunity. When the same associate from Hong Kong made a visit to Canada during this time of career change, he took occasion to reintroduce Phyllis and Danny properly to Nu Skin. He emphasized two key benefits of the business – limited start-up costs and a global opportunity with flexibility. Encouraged by his thorough explanation, Phyllis decided to begin building a Nu Skin business.


Her first few years with Nu Skin were met with stable, albeit gradual success. Phyllis was unfazed by this rate of progress and continued working daily to build her organization of customers and distributors. The key to her persistence? “I received unconditional support from the company, as well as my sponsors, allowing me to strive to the best of my capabilities.”


Having become a Diamond Executive with an expansive, robust organization, Phyllis is currently working towards her goal of Team Elite status and attending the Mediterranean cruise in 2014. She’s looking forward to the challenge of qualifying not only for this upcoming trip, but meeting qualification requirements every year afterwards. With her incredible work ethic and positive attitude, we look forward to celebrating Phyllis’ continued successes.