Liping Yuan

Liping Yuan


As a professional make-up artist, Liping Yuan is always striving to help people look their best. When she was eventually introduced to the Nu Skin products, Liping was immediately drawn to the facial spa system. “I began as a customer and fell in love with the products. I eventually signed up as a distributor after having such a positive experience with sharing my results.”


Working full time, and as a single mother, Liping found the best way for her to do the business was to grow slow and steady to obtain more stable results. By setting obtainable, yet challenging goals, Liping was able to find success selling the product and presenting the opportunity. She attributes her success to her deep seeded faith and her number one motivation: her family. “After joining Nu Skin, my goals were to provide my son with the best education, improve my ability to develop others, and help other single moms develop the confidence to face the challenges of life.”


As Liping continues to work towards her goals, she wants to stay focused on adapting to the ever-changing marketplace. She plans to stay ahead of the curve by listening to her team’s needs and directing her efforts towards addressing those needs. Liping has a simple but effective formula for leadership: “I lead by example and train my leaders to be professional Nu Skin representatives while encouraging them to grow their own product testimonials. A good leader needs to be service oriented and always desire to grow. I’m doing my best to learn and embrace these important qualities.”