Lawrence Tseng

Lawrence Tseng


Working as an engineer in Silicon Valley, Lawrence Tseng learned a difficult lesson when his job was no longer secure. He learned that there is always someone else who can do your job. After relocating to Los Angeles, he began a successful car parts business. Within the next decade, Lawrence noticed a disappointing trend. “There were always good months and bad months, and I realized that no matter how hard I worked, I never seemed to make much progress.”


One day his friend approached him about an anti-aging product line called Nu Skin. Lawrence remembers wondering why his friend would come to him; he didn’t have any wrinkles! Soon he came to understand that by becoming a distributor, he could earn commissions from selling the product. After seeing the quality of the products, and doing research on the company, Lawrence decided to sign up.

Lawrence strongly believes that by writing down his “Why” and reminding himself of it each day, he was able to stay focused when things were difficult. “There will always be ups and downs in the business, and that is why your ‘Why’ must be written down and crystal clear.” Lawrence’s “Why” centers around spending quality time with his family, and his future children. From the beginning he also wanted to give back to those that are in need.


Setting goals has always been a priority for Lawrence, as he feels with the right guidance, anything is possible. By setting strategic goals, he has been able to successfully navigate the waters and focus on the most important issues of the day. “Leaders always set goals! Most of our life, goals are set by either our parents or the company we work for. Thus, for the majority of people, setting goals is a foreign concept. If you do not set goals for yourself, it is like not inputting an address in your navigation. You will take wrong turns, waste time, and never reach your destination. With the right goals , not only will you reach your destination, but you will do so in a more efficient manner.”